Vision Mission

By closely following technological developments in the light of our past experiences; Holding the slogan "quality first" in the foreground; we came out with a wide viewpoint that created socio-economic values that harmonize human beings with nature and the environment in social harmony. As a group of companies, We have the identity of the manufacturer and the industrialist, who are good at doing business, able to catch high quality and efficient working conditions, who professionally tell themselves about doing business.


It is an important activity to tell what you are doing right now, to do as well as sometimes to do. 'It is known that corporate reputation is one of the greatest assets of our time.' In this context, he Gülaçtı Company Group's present-day Turkey 'sin and globalizing world economy competitiveness increase from one generation power in the hands of the most important objectives in the design, to unite under marketing and innovation.
In the globalizing world economy, we think that international trade should be perceived as a national issue and we are trying to add an international dimension as well as the national as well as the every aspect of our activities.